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Tractor hole digger

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Tractor hole digger

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Augers 4400 series

The 4400 series augers and extensions have a hexagon connection. Due to the special bits and teeth, this serie augers offers excellent drilling performance in various soils. These teeth and bits are replaceable and protecting the auger. The spiral shape is made of strong material and provides extra strength for the auger itself. Also, the space between the spirals is optimezed, so that they raise the most soil with the least force.

Extensions spiral shape 5500 series

The 5500 series extensions have a maximum diameter of 305 mm and they all have a length of 914 mm. Due to the spiral shape, these extensions are very strong and as a result the most of the soil is completely raised with the least force.


Extension tubular tube 5500 series | 93,00

This extension has a drilling depth of 381 mm. The extension is easy to apply to your auger. Due to the heavy shaft and handy length, this is the most practical extension for your auger.

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A simple and relatively inexpensive way to drill holes is to use the tractor hole digger. EuroGate International has a hole digger in the range where the General Equipment 4400 and 5500 series augers can be connected. This method is frequently used in the agricultural sector. With this machine you have the ideal combination between attractive prices and high quality.

DrivePower take-off
Minimum power required45 HP
LinkCat. 1 / 2
Gear ratio3:1
Weight85 kg
Connection auger35 mm hexagon
Diameter auger57 to 457 mm
Digging depth914 mm
ExtensionYes, 381 mm and 914 mm
Filename Size
EC declaration_TB 550 KB
Handleiding TB 3 MB

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