Petrol-powered hole digger

A petrol-powered hole digger is a perfect tool for any project. A petrol hole digger is driven by an internal combustion engine. This four-stroke combustion engine runs on E10 petrol; EuroGate International recommends Aspen 4 for the cleanest combustion. EuroGate International’s petrol hole diggers allow you to drill perfect holes in the ground for posts, foundations, or fencing. It’s never been easier to drill a hole than with a petrol hole digger from EuroGate International.

EuroGate International’s extensive range of petrol hole diggers includes powerful machines from brands such as General Equipment, EGI and STIHL. A petrol hole digger makes it easy to drill deep holes in your garden quickly and without too much effort. The machines have a good price/quality ratio as we only supply high-quality petrol hole diggers at competitive prices. Those working in construction, horticulture and agriculture in particular will genuinely benefit from adding EuroGate’s petrol hole diggers to their tools. With EuroGate International’s petrol hole diggers, you can drill holes in both sand and other types of soil very easily. The petrol hole diggers are multifunctional and convenient.


Using a petrol hole digger

A petrol-powered hole digger, also called a motorised hole digger, can be used with a wide range of interchangeable augers. This means you can drill holes of different diameters. The hole digger is ideal to be used for any hole you need to drill, whether it is a large or small hole. A jammed auger can easily be turned back manually by operating the release lever and disengaging the reverse rotation lock. Whereas the STIHL motorised hole diggers use a combination of two-stroke and four-stroke engines, EGI’s motorised models are equipped with a Honda® four-stroke petrol engine. This allows all EuroGate International’s petrol-powered hole diggers to be used in city centres, so you can work sustainably and responsibly with a petrol-powered hole digger even in the middle of the city. A motorised hole digger has a speed of up to 350 rotations per minute and weighs just 10 kilos or so. Buying a motorised hole digger ensures you have a high-quality product which can be easily used for many tasks, thanks to its weight and power.


Petrol hole digger augers

The EGI CQ303 hole digger is available as a nice set including three augers. However, petrol-powered hole diggers in our range are typically supplied without augers. If you buy a petrol-powered hole digger you can also buy various augers for different purposes at the same time. Our range includes different lengths, widths, shapes and more. Extensions can also be handy if you need to drill deeper than normal with a motorised hole digger. Drop by our showroom or give us a call to see how we can help you find the right petrol-powered hole digger.


Petrol hole digger equipment

A petrol-powered hole digger comes with several unique selling points at EuroGate International. Every petrol-powered hole digger is different, of course, which is why we also offer a range of such machines. The specifications of the petrol-powered hole diggers are indicated alongside the products. Some motorised hole diggers are equipped with a multifunctional handle or a large buffer pad to absorb impact. Other machines have a handy auger brake or a vibration-damping handle frame.


Own brand petrol hole digger

EuroGate International has been importing hole diggers and accessories for many years for selling to customers in Western Europe. Our experience and expertise mean that we know exactly how a hole digger should be put together, which is why we have launched our own petrol-powered hole digger. De EGI petrol-powered hole digger is a powerful machine with a Honda GX35 four-stroke petrol engine. With the EGI petrol-powered hole digger you will always have the right tool to drill holes quickly and effectively. Wondering about the EGI petrol-powered hole digger? Get in touch with us! Our staff will be happy to help you choose the perfect hole digger to suit your needs.


Accessories for motorised hole diggers

Various accessories are available for a hole digger with a petrol engine. For example, we sell not only complete petrol hole digger sets but also separate extensions, augers, connectors, adapters and more! Not sure which augers you need for your motorised hole digger? Get in touch with us! We can tell you exactly which auger fits which hole digger. We can do the same for all accessories and parts listed on our website. Do you want to buy a motorised hole digger but you’re not sure which one? Please contact us or drop by our showroom, where you can see and test hole diggers with petrol engines