Hole diggers

A hole digger is an indispensable item that makes earthworks a lot easier. A hole digger has one simple purpose and that is to drill holes in the ground. Smaller hole diggers make holes in the ground for installing fence posts, for example, whereas bigger hole diggers prepare the ground for laying foundations or planting trees. Hole diggers are also ideal for fertilising or aerating the soil. EuroGate International has a range of both heavy and light hole diggers suitable for any job.

How does a hole digger work?
A hole digger works with a spiral-shaped auger that rotates to lift earth upwards. When it’s pulled up, the hole digger brings the loosened earth up with it. This creates a hole that can then be used for many purposes. The advantage of a hole digger is that you can make a deep hole easily without disturbing the rest of the soil. Other equipment such as shovels or excavators also let you dig far down but you won’t end up with a suitable hole. A hole digger can make a narrow, deep hole that can be dug without much physical effort. If you want a professional hole digger then EuroGate International is exactly the right place for you; you can buy the best hole diggers here.

Our range of hole diggers
Hole diggers come in many different shapes and sizes. Hole diggers with different functions, diameters and drives are also available at EuroGate International. Buying a hole digger? At EuroGate International we have an endless array of choices when it comes to hole diggers. Take a look at our wide range of hole diggers:

Manual hole digger
A manual hole digger always comes in handy in any tool cabinet. A manual hole digger needs no maintenance and is very easy to use. It’s easy to use a manual hole digger: you rotate it clockwise to drill holes and it won’t take much effort. Whether you’re working in loose sand or solid earth, you’ll get the job done quickly with a manual hole digger from EuroGate International. Once you’ve drilled down quite far with the hole digger, it’s easy to pull the earth up to create a deep hole suitable for a post. To make sure the post is really secure you can go back and knock it in again with a post driver.

Petrol hole digger
As the name suggests, petrol hole diggers are fuelled by petrol. Our petrol hole diggers are all equipped with a four-stroke petrol engine, which is cleaner and quieter than the two-stroke model. The advantage of petrol hole diggers is that they are often very powerful despite their small size and minimal weight. You could quickly fence off an entire meadow using a petrol hole digger. Drilling endlessly by hand is a thing of the past once you have a petrol hole digger. Have you seen our own brand EGI petrol hole digger? We developed this hole digger ourselves and it is a powerful hole digger that meets all expectations.

Hydraulic hole digger
A hydraulic hole digger uses hydraulics as its drive technology. Hydraulics is the conveyance of liquids to create movements and forces under high pressure.  EuroGate International’s hydraulic hole diggers are top quality. A big advantage is that hydraulic hole diggers can rotate both clockwise and anti-clockwise. If the hole digger gets jammed during a job, it can easily be reversed. Hydraulic drives have the most power and can drive drills up to 150 cm diameter.

Tractor hole digger
A tractor hole digger is a hole digger specially designed to be attached behind a tractor. This hole digger offers a good price/quality ratio. A tractor hole digger can come in handy for anyone working in agriculture as it can drill many holes over a large area using the tractor. The tractor auger is connected to the tractor’s hydraulics so that it can be operated from the cab.

Excavator hole digger
With the wide range of couplers, extensions and different diameters that EuroGate International can supply directly from stock, a hydraulic excavator attachment is a professional piece of equipment. A hole digger attached to an excavator can be used for different ground conditions and with different diameters. An excavator hole digger can be used for excavators, mini excavators, loaders and other heavy vehicles. An excavator hole digger is a good solution particularly for businesses such as landscape gardeners and construction companies.

Extending a hole digger
Every hole digger job requires drilling to a different depth, that’s why most hole diggers sold by EuroGate International are also available with extensions. So you can drill to the right depth for every job. The depth depends on the type and weight class of the machine you want to use for drilling. Browse our range of hole diggers to see which one you need for your job. If you need a reliable hole digger, you should come to EuroGate International as we have the best, professional quality hole diggers.

Different diameters
Because holes are all drilled for different purposes, different auger diameters are available. That’s why EuroGate International’s hole diggers come with augers with several diameters. We have a wide range of augers available to order for every hole digger. So you can always drill the right hole with hole diggers from EuroGate International. Are you wondering about your options? Contact EuroGate International to discuss your options for buying a hole digger without any obligation.

Hole diggers available online and in the shop
At EuroGate International you can buy hole diggers both online and in our showroom. It’s easy to order a hole digger online and make a quick start on your drilling job. Would you prefer to touch and test the hole digger? Then drop by our showroom to see our hole diggers. We look forward to seeing you in Dedemsvaart!