Post Drivers

Drive posts into the ground without effort? Get yourself a post driver!
Whether you work in construction, or as a landscape gardener, whether it is about foundations, tree stakes, fencing posts, or sheet piling, inserting posts is hard work. If you buy a powerful post driver, also known as a post rammer, post pounder or a post knocker, your work becomes instantly more efficient and faster.

Drives for post drivers
Although a post hammer is used frequently, they are heavy to operate and produce inferior results. Not surprising that many of our clients who are looking for a post hammer end up going home with a post driver.

Post drivers are available in all sorts of types and sizes. Almost everyone will know the traditional manual post driver, but the petrol post driver, pneumatic and hydraulic post drivers produce many benefits on the job. A driven post driver uses the weight and downward power of the hammer. By ensuring it vibrates at high speed, it drives the post into the ground if there is sufficient contact. The heavier and larger the hammer, the more power is released and the thicker the posts you can strike.

Petrol post driver
All our petrol-driven machines are equipped with a Honda GX35 four-stroke petrol engine. For example, the Rhino Multipro XA or the Rhino Fence Pro. This drive has many benefits compared to the usual two-stroke petrol engines. By buying a petrol post driver with a four-stroke engine, you no longer have to mix petrol and oil, these post drives produce fewer emissions, and a four-stroke petrol engine is less noisy and runs much more quietly than most two-stroke versions. For all the petrol-driven post driver models, EuroGate International also has complete service sets, oil and lubricants in stock.

Pneumatic post driver
If you really want to eat up the miles and insert posts with a large diameter, a pneumatic post driver is a superb choice. An air-driven post driver works with a mobile compressor and the pressurised air gives this machine its exceptional power. These post drivers are available in various weight classes so even the thickest posts can be driven into the ground without any problems. This class starts with a 21 kg version, the Rhino PD45, whilst the heaviest that will drive posts of up to 17.5 cm diameter weighs an impressive 80 kg. We are talking about the Rhino PD200 with 930 strikes a minute and impressive strength!

Hydraulic post driver
If you are looking for an extremely powerful post driver, one that is mobile and that you can use anywhere at all, your best choice is a hydraulic post driver. This technology combines the benefits of the manoeuvrability of the petrol driver and the strength of the pneumatic one. By using a Powerpack with a powerful petrol-hydraulic engine and the KH193 of Maruzen or the HPD60 post driver of Rhino Tool, you have a powerful hand-held post-driver set for multifunctional use. This set is extremely suitable for steel or wooden fencing, sheet piling, possibly combined with our special adapters for large posts. EuroGate International also has a Postmaster Hydraulic vibration hammer in three versions in its range. They are used together with an excavator and are ideal for inserting posts of up to 250 mm in diameter.

Service for your post driver
You already have a post driver? EuroGate International provides maintenance and service for all post drivers. With our own service department we maintain your machine and ensure you have it in top condition. Should the machine break down or need new parts due to wear and tear, we generally have the necessary parts in stock. Our service team will consider the repair costs in consultation, and will repair the machine, if required, so that it will last quite a while longer.