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About us

Who are we

Founded in 2011, EuroGate International is an independent sales organization that takes care of product sales of light construction equipment in Europe. Because of the long-standing presence of EuroGate International in various markets, we have built up many good relationships with customers all over the world.

EuroGate International is the exclusive distributor of General Equipment, Rhino Tool, Digga and FuelProof. Furthermore, we also represent a number of suppliers such as the Japanese Maruzen.

Take advantage from the knowledge of these partners, combined with the services of EuroGate International.

About us

Our team

With a small and enthousiastic team we try to give you the best service available!

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What do we do

EuroGate International was established to make it easier for foreign, mainly American, manufacturers to sell their products in Europe. The necessary CE-approval have been provided by EuroGate International in collaboration with partner Hestocon for various manufacturers. After the products are CE approved, the sales can start. Because EuroGate International provides the start-up for the manufacturers in Europe, EuroGate International decided to become also the sales channel for these manufacturers. This has led to complete mutual support by the manufacturers to EuroGate International.

Through this unique formula, there are five manufacturers for which EuroGate International is allowed to sell the products in Europe. The ever increasing line in the number of sales makes EuroGate International a reliable partner for both manufacturer and the customer.