Horizontal Hole Digger

In most cases digging holes in the ground is vertical, for example when you want to insert a post in the ground. In some situations, you may want to dig horizontally. For example, if you want to lay a cable underground. We, as EuroGate, are pleased to explain the use of a horizontal hole digger and the available options. It will enable you to make the best choice when you are looking for a horizontal hole digger.

Parts of a horizontal hole digger.

A horizontal hole digger consists of a number of components
The base unit. This is the base to which the hydraulic systems are connected to ensure the hole digger runs
The drill itself. An drill can have a range of diameters. There are also various extensions that can be used to achieve the correct depth. The extensions fit together and can be fastened with a simple clamp.
Hydraulic hoses. There are hydraulic hoses to connect the auger to the hydraulic system you want to use to drive the auger.
Working with a horizontal hole digger
When you work with a horizontal hole digger, there are number of things you need to remember. First of all, the hole digger unit moves forward too. The hydraulic hoses need to have sufficient length to achieve this. It is also a good idea to make sure the unit runs over a smooth surface to ensure the horizontal drilling hole is as straight as possible. Using machinery always requires safe working methods and the safety instructions and requirements need to be taken into account. So, always check first that the hole digger has been positioned safely enough to do the work.

Disposing of the soil
As a horizontal hole digger has a spiral-shaped drill, the soil will come out of the hole due to the drilling action. It is a good idea to remove this loose soil regularly. First of all, it ensures you keep the soil level and the drilling unit can come closer to the entrance of the hole. Secondly, you prevent the soil from being in the way later when a cable needs to be pulled through and from making that process more difficult. By removing the soil, you ensure the work is carried out neat, tidy, and first time right.

Are you looking to buy a horizontal hole digger?
If you have any questions about using a horizontal hole digger and about what you might need for a job, please feel free to contact us. We would be pleased to help you work out the best choice for you.