Two-man hole digger

Most holes drilled in the ground can easily be done by one person. However, if you have to drill bigger holes and can’t reach the spot with a mini excavator, a two-man hole digger might come in handy.
As experts in hole diggers, we at EuroGate International know precisely the cases where it is sensible to drill with two people and which hole digger is the best choice.

When should you choose a two-man hole digger?
Whether you should choose a hole digger that can be operated by one person or two depends on a number of things.

How deep do you need to drill? From a logical point of view, the deeper you want to drill, the more powerful the engine must be to do so. The weight of the engine is often the reason that a two-man hole digger is used.
Type of ground to be drilled into? All types of ground have their own resistance. Drilling in clay soil is different to drilling in soil containing many tree roots. Quite often, the rule of thumb is that the harder it is to drill into the ground, the more powerful the engine must be.
Number of holes to be drilled? If you only want to drill a single hole, it will be a hard job for one person for a short time. However, if you need to drill a number of holes, it may be wise to use a two-man hole digger.
Diameter of the hole? A basic rule of thumb is that with larger diameters it is more difficult to keep the hole digger properly balanced. In such cases it may also be better to use a two-man hole digger.
Of course, there may be all sorts of other reasons why you would rather work with a one-man or two-man hole digger.

Two-man hole digger driven by powerful engine
Most hole diggers operated by two people are hole diggers with powerful petrol engines. This means you are not dependent on having a source of electricity nearby, you can easily start the engine and use the hole digger. The engine drives the drill into the earth automatically.  You and the person sharing the drilling should also make sure that the hole digger goes straight down, which gives a better result.

Operating a two-man hole digger
It is important to consider a number of things while working with a two-man hole digger. Firstly, it is a machine driven by an engine; make sure you and your co-worker take adequate safety precautions. Secondly, these hole diggers are noisy; wearing proper ear defenders is therefore recommended. Thirdly, you are sharing the drilling with a colleague; therefore, make clear arrangements to enhance safety.

Need help choosing a suitable hole digger?
Assessing the work and what type of hole digger is suitable for it can sometimes be quite complicated. Based on our extensive experience, we at EuroGate International would like to help you decide what is best for you in your specific situation. So contact us without any obligation or drop by our showroom. We’re always happy to listen to your questions and answer them to the best of our ability.