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PL-3 Hydraulic post puller

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Rhino Tool

PL-3 Hydraulic post puller

  • Use with heavy duty pulling jobs
  • Easy to use
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Rhino Tool PL-3 hydraulic post puller

The tried-and-tested Rhino Tool PL-3 hydraulic post puller is a convenient and powerful tool. Designed with the power of hydraulics to take the effort out of pulling posts from the ground. The PL-3 is easy to use and easy to transport.

Easy operation

Put the pump handle in the hydraulic pump connection. Pump up the PL-3 hydraulic cylinder with an up and down motion. As soon as post starts to come out of the ground, you remove the safety bracket from the cable cover and you attach it to the base of the puller. If the safety harness starts to tighten and the post is not moving, let the gripper or chain drop and start pulling again.

·         Own weight 24 KG

·         Dimensions: 965 mm 337 mm x 337 mm

The post puller can be used with chains, the supplied hook, or a tent-stake grabber. Contact our sales department to find out more about all the options