Are the products CE approved?
All products offered by EuroGate International are CE approved. At ‘downloads’ on the productpage you can view the CE certificate.

Can I test a product before purchasing?
Machines can be demonstrated free of obligation at our office in Dedemsvaart and possibly also at your desired location.

Are all products in stock at the central warehouse in Dedemsvaart?
Many products are in stock. You can view this per product at the top right hand side of the product page. Are you unsure or do you want to know what the delevery time of the products is? Please contact us.

Can I pay with PayPal?
We do not work with PayPal. If you order a product, we will send you the invoice. As soon as this is paid, we will proceed to deliver.

Does EuroGate International sell abroad?
Certainly. EuroGate International now sells in 27 countries. We are active throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa.