Manual hole digger

A manual hole digger is a tool that is always useful for gardening or landscaping work. With a manual hole digger digging holes in the ground becomes a quicker and easier job. A manual hole digger may be necessary for a number of different tasks. For example, putting in posts, planting trees, taking soil samples, erecting fences et cetera.

Manual hole digger

Comprehensive range of manual hole diggers

The EuroGate International manual hole diggers have a spiral-shaped end and two connected pieces of metal with an opening in between. They are also known as the auger blades of the hole digger. This is attached to a metal rod with handles to have a good grip on the manual hole digger. The opening between the metal of a manual hole digger serves to retain the soil. When the entire opening is filled with soil, sand or earth, the manual hole digger can be pulled up. The soil is still largely retained between the metal and is easy to remove. This technology makes light work of digging holes with this manual hole digger. The EuroGate International manual hole diggers are made of high-grade steel, which makes them durable and stable. With the top quality and strength of EuroGate International manual hole diggers you can drill holes easily in solid and harder soil types.

What is the purpose of a manual hole digger?
A manual hole digger can be used for all types of jobs outdoors. It is a practical tool that will make heavy physical work in the garden much easier. For example, a manual hole digger will make the following jobs much easier.

Use a manual hole digger to plant trees
A manual hole digger can be used to dig holes for plants and shrubs and to insert stakes for trees. For a tree, you need to dig a bigger hole than can be achieved with a manual hole digger. If the hole is not dug deep or wide enough, the tree may not survive. The same may happen if you plant the tree too deep. Generally, the top of the root ball needs to be at ground level, but be sure to ask the grower if you are uncertain of the planting depth. The hole for the tree stake is dug next to the root ball to ensure the stake does not penetrate the roots and to make sure you can dig deep enough to insert the stakes.

Erecting fencing with a manual hole digger.
With a manual hole digger it is really easy to erect fencing. Before you insert fence posts, they need to be dug in to ensure the fence is sturdy. A manual hole digger is ideal for digging the holes to insert the fence posts. The digging depth depends on the fence. If you have a big job, you could consider using our engine driven holediggers.

Garden fences with a manual hole digger.
A garden fence can be erected by using a manual hole digger. The fence posts can be inserted with a manual hole digger, and using a manual hole digger speeds up the process enormously. You don’t need a spade to dig wide, deep holes for the fence posts. It is easily done with a manual hole digger.

Drainage holes with a manual hole digger
A manual hole digger can also be used to dig drainage holes. They are holes to discharge surplus water to deeper soil layers. With the manual hole digger you can dig holes in impenetrable soil so that water can run off; you could consider filling these holes with gravel to prevent the holes from filling up with soil or earth.

Maintenance and use of a manual hole digger
The maintenance and use of a manual hole digger couldn’t be easier. The forged tip at the end of the manual hole digger needs to be pushed into the soil. Then you exercise downward pressure with the handles to the ground. Now turn the manual hole digger clockwise on the ground. The manual hole digger will dig into the soil. If the digging becomes heavier or if you cannot get any deeper, the manual hole digger is likely to be full. Turn the manual hole digger slightly anticlockwise and remove it from the soil. Shake the soil from the manual hole digger and you can start again. When you finish digging your hole, you can put your manual hole digger away again. Rinse the manual hole digger with water and dry the tool with a cloth.

Questions or comments about a manual hole digger
Buying a manual hole digger from EuroGate International is a good investment. With a long warranty on our top-quality manual hole diggers you have peace of mind and a strong, top-quality manual hole digger.