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Manual hole digger

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Manual hole digger

  • Forged by hand
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The standard manual hole digger

This best-selling range of manual hole diggers come in the following auger diameter sizes: 60 mm, 80 mm, 100 mm and 120 mm. These manual hole diggers, also known as post hole diggers, are therefore ideal for landscape gardeners and garden centres when work involves installing heavier fence posts, garden posts, pergola posts etc.


Post hole diggers for fence posts

These post hole diggers are designed with a hand-forged tip. As a result, these non-extendable hole diggers work perfectly and are superior to typical hole diggers made by other brands. They are also equipped with thick, black handles. These plastic handles make the hole digger easier to grip and you will find it much more comfortable to work.


The ultimate post hole digger for fence posts

Fitted with a 10-cm-diameter auger, the post hole digger is ideal for installing wooden posts measuring 7 x 7 cm. This fence post size is the one most commonly used for gardens. A 7 x 7 cm fence post is most often used for 2-metre-high fences or for fences facing the wind.


Non-extendable hole digger with extra-narrow T-shaped handle

These hole diggers have a special feature in that they are designed with extra-short handles. The total width of this manual hole digger’s cross tube is therefore only 375 mm. This is handy, as it allows you to get really close to obstacles for making a hole. Ideal for just that last post right next to a shed, for example. The handles also have profiled plastic grips, giving you more control over your work.


Highest quality post hole digger

This post hole digger is hand-forged in the Netherlands. This guarantees a very long service life and a top quality product. So this sturdy hole digger will last for a very long time.

EHB6Ø 60 mm, twisted point
EHB7Ø 70 mm, twisted point
EHB8Ø 80 mm, twisted point
EHB10Ø 100 mm, twisted point
EHB12Ø 120 mm, twisted point