Buy a petrol post driver

Buy a petrol post driver
Thinking of buying a powerful petrol-powered post driver? At EuroGate International we stock a variety of post drivers. Our extensive collection means you have plenty of petrol-powered post drivers to choose from. Have a look online to see which post driver suits your requirements and it’s easy to order through our website. You can buy a petrol-powered post driver at a competitive price from EuroGate International.

Post driver with a petrol engine

A petrol-powered post driver makes your jobs much easier. It drives posts into the ground faster than doing it manually and it also means that you don’t use up as much energy. You’ll find that a petrol-powered post driver is very efficient if you’re used to working with a hammer or manual post driver. The difference is huge and found to be very beneficial. Our customers therefore often recommend buying a petrol-powered post driver.

The petrol-powered post driver can be easily switched on by pressing the button. Then pull the recoil starter and the machine is ready for use. Put the post driver over the top of the post and the machine will do the work for you.

Other types of post driver
The post drivers that you see in our range have various types of drive. We offer post drivers that are driven in different ways, allowing us to meet the needs of our customers. At EuroGate International, our post drivers come not only with petrol engines but also with the following drive technologies:

·         Buy manual
·         Buy hydraulic
·         Buy pneumatic

Each type of drive has its own added value. With a manual drive you use more physical force and it is priced more competitively. The advantage of a pneumatic drive is that you are working with a compressor with high air pressure. The force of impact of these machines is enormous. Post drivers with petrol engines are very powerful and can generate many blows per minute. Hydraulic drives are set in motion by oil pressure.

Would you like some advice on the most suitable drive technology for your job? Please contact us and we will give you appropriate advice.

How suitable is a petrol post driver?

Do you enjoy doing odd jobs yourself from time to time? Or do you work for a construction, landscaping or agricultural company? A petrol-powered post driver can always come in handy, depending on the job, of course. When can a post driver be useful? A post driver can help with activities such as installing foundations and sheet piling, but it also has many other uses. A post driver is usually used for jobs that need to be done quickly and efficiently. A post driver with a petrol engine helps you conserve your energy because the machine does all the work for you. You only need to guide the tool.

Using a petrol-powered post driver safely
At EuroGate International safety always comes first. If you buy a petrol-powered post driver, we recommend using the correct protective equipment, such as safety goggles and safety shoes. It is advisable to read the operating instructions carefully before using the petrol-powered post driver. This way, you will be fully aware of how the machine works and dangerous situations can be easily avoided. If you have any questions and/or comments, please contact us at any time. Our specialists are available for you.