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Multi-Pro XA

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Multi-Pro XA

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  • Most sold postdriver from the Rhino Tool range
  • Equipped with the heaviest available anvil
  • Suitable for driving steel and wooden posts
Adapters for tentstakes | 168,00

To drive tentstakes, we supply special adapters in two different sizes.

Adapter holder for steel posts (required by purchasing inserts) | 168,00

To drive fencing steel posts, we supply a special adapter that can be used with hardened steel inserts.

Inserts for steel posts

We supply inserts made from hardened steel. The inserts serve to evenly transfer the impact force to the post and also reduces any damage to the post and machine.

Adapter plate for larger wooden posts (required when purchasing adapters) | 75,00

The adapter plate is alway needed for mounting the three adapters for wooden posts.

Adapters for wooden posts

For driving wooden posts, we have three types of adapters available. The dimensions of the wooden posts must correspond exactly to the size of the adapter, you must always take into account a minimum of 0.5-1 cm clearance. It is important to set the machine exactly vertical to the post so that the anvil delivers the best impact force vertically. This also prevents extra wear on the machine and possibly damaging the top op the post.

Topthrottle | 163,00

By adding the topthrottle you can drive your posts/markers or tentstakes more easily deep into the ground while standing in a more comfortable position.

Hour meter | 57,75

For service purposes it is important to keep an eye on the correct interval moments, for this we can install an hour meter on your machine.

Extension arms | 203,00

It is possible to drive very long posts in to the ground by mounting extension arms on your postdriver. Furthermore, the extension arms can be mounted on the topside, which gives you the advantage that you don’t have to bend over to drive markers.

Wooden box | 125,00

Protect your postdriver! This wooden box is ideal for storing/transporting you Rhino machine, it prevents unnecessary damage.

Transport car | 385,00

This Rhino transport car is suitable for transport of the complete Rhino petrol-driven line. The transport car is completely chromed, equipped with big wheels for easy maneuvering and it has various storage compartments for accessoiries.

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The Multi-pro XA is the most sold postdriver from the Rhino Tool postdriver range. The postdriver is driven by a Honda GX35 4-stroke engine and is equipped with the heaviest available anvil and a large adapter. There are also larger adpters available for this machine to easily place larger posts. In addition to the standard adapter, there are adapters available of 7 x 7 cm square, 8 cm round, 10 cm round and 10.7 cm round.

ModelMulti-Pro XA
Motor typeHonda GX-35, 4-stroke
Consumption0,71 l/h - 7000 RPM
Tank capacity0,63 liters
Power1,3 HP / 7000 RPM
Recommended fuelAspen 4
Weight23 kg
Number of beats1720 per minute
Standard chucksize63,5 mm
Maximum diameter63,5 mm
Standard adapters25, 44,5 and 50mm
Optional adapters- For steel posts, to maximum 60 x 60 mm
- For wooden posts, ø80, ø107 and 70x70 mm
- For tentstakes

Filename Size
CE Certificate 214 KB
Parts_Manual_XA 648 KB

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