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Pneumatic Post driver PD-140

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Rhino Tool

Pneumatic Post driver PD-140

  • A real powerhouse
  • Own weight of 63 kg
  • Drives round posts with a diameter of up to maximum 12 cm
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Adapters PD-140

The PD-140 has a 107.9 mm round adapter as standard. Optionally, additional adapters can be ordered for larger posts. A 120.6 mm adapter is available for larger round posts. For square posts, a 101.6 x 101.6 or a 101.6 x 152.4 mm adapter can be mounted. For the PD-140, a special adapter has also been developed for striking sheet pile. Adapters are easy to change and attach with four bolts. The adapters can allow air to pass through at every corner so that the postdriver can not come off of the post when it is activated.

Inserts PD-140

It is important for the machine and the post that there is not too much space between the post and the adapter. For this reason, different inserts can be placed in the standard adapter (107.9 mm) of the PD-110. These inserts are available in different sizes. The inserts slide into the adapter are mounted with two bolts.

60000 Throttle Valve Kit w/Screen Fitting | 338,00

The throttle valve kit from Rhino is of high quality. This is equipped with a safety device so that the postdriver can not be activated unexpectedly. This throttle valve kit has also an protective advantage for your hand.

Filter-Regulator-Lubricator | 537,00

The Filter-Regulator-Lubricator of Rhino is essential for maintaining your pneumatic machine. This center filters, seperates the water from the compressed air, provides a constant air pressure and adds oil. This keeps your machine more resistant to, for example, rust and damage inside the machine. Comes standard with frame.

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Considering a Rhino Tool pneumatic post driver PD-140?

The Rhino Tool PD-140 pneumatic post driver is a good choice. With a powerful strike and just one moving component, this machine is virtually maintenance-free. This pneumatic post driver does all the heavy work for you. There is a suitable adapter available for every diameter of post. It ensures the post driver produces the greatest power and the damage to the post is limited.

·       Suitable for posts of all diameters up to ø 120 mm
·       Separate adapters and drive caps available for every diameter
·       Super sturdy material from the Rhino Tool range

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Versatile post driver powered by compressed air
This versatile pneumatic post driver weighs 63 kg and is a best-seller in our range. This machine can deal with driving earth stakes, wooden posts, metal pins, steel posts and T-sections.

Extremely powerful tool

As there is a separate adapter for every diameter, this post driver guarantees the correct strike position. It means you have virtually no damage to the posts and the machine produces the greatest power.

Rhino Tool post driver

All Rhino Tool post drivers are known for their long lifespan and solidity. As the first manufacturer of post drivers (in 1974), Rhino Tool is a reliable partner that provides good service. Buying a pneumatic post driver is a good choice and you will benefit from that investment for many years.

DriveCompressed air
Air consumption1.76 m³/min at 6.2 bar
Noise level110 dB(A)
Vibrations15.8 m/s²
Diameter hammer100 mm
Weight63 kg
Number of beats1700 per minute
Standard chucksize107,9 mm
Maximum diameter120,7 mm
Optional adapters- 50,8 mm
- 63,5 mm
- 76,2 mm
- 92 mm
- 102 x 102 mm
- 102 x 152 mm

Filename Size
CE Document 5 KB
PD-140 parts manual 18 KB
PD-140 owners manual 18 KB