Buy a hydraulic post driver

Buy a hydraulic post driver
Do you like to work as efficiently as possible? Then buying a hydraulic post driver is the best choice you can make! A hydraulic post driver can make a big difference to improving time efficiency on your jobs. Our range contains several types of post driver, powered in different ways.

What is a hydraulic post driver?

A hydraulic post driver is a good tool for driving posts into the ground easily. You don’t need to use as much force because the driver’s high impact action takes care of the physical work. For jobs where you don’t have enough power with a petrol post driver and can’t get to the job with a compressor, opt for a hydraulic post driver. You can also choose a post driver that can be attached to an excavator. This makes heavy jobs a lot lighter and also means you finish faster. At EuroGate International we can supply hydraulic post drivers that are suitable for different kinds of material, such as aluminium, wood and steel.

Put the hydraulic post driver over the post, making sure that the post is in the right place and also upright. The machine does its job right away. The internal hydraulic hammer strikes the post with the right amount of force, driving it easily into the ground. The hydraulic post driver is driven by a hydraulic source, such as an excavator, but you could also use a hydraulic powerpack.

Post driver drive technologies
We offer different types of post driver, each containing different drive technology. In this way we try to keep as wide a range as possible in stock, so that every customer’s needs can be met. There are, of course, also post drivers that work differently to hydraulic ones, by using:

·         Buy a manual drive
·         Buy a petrol drive
·         Buy a pneumatic drive

Who would benefit from using a hydraulic post driver?
In principle, anyone could operate a hydraulic post driver, from installing a large fence to repairing a foundation. The hydraulic post driver is a powerful tool and therefore extremely suitable for anyone wanting to work more efficiently. You use relatively little energy because it takes less physical force compared to, say, a hammer.

Top quality and safety are number one priorities
Whatever project you’re planning to start, the top priorities must always be a safe environment and keeping users safe. The use of safety products is therefore also always advisable. It is sensible to wear protective equipment such as safety goggles, a hard hat, ear defenders, safety gloves and safety shoes while using the post driver. We recommend that you read the user manual carefully first before starting work with the posts. That way, you will know exactly what kind of tool you will be working with.

Would you like more information about the hydraulic post driver?
Would you like appropriate advice about buying one of our post drivers? Please contact our specialists by calling telephone number +31 (0)523-638286 or emailing We’re available to help you.