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Rhino Solar Pro

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Rhino Solar Pro

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  • Power up to 1,085 joules
  • Suitable for posts up to 38 cm ø
  • For posts with a maximum length of 450 cm
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Driving extra long poles, solar system poles and large diameter poles

With the new SolarPro post driver from Rhino, EuroGate International is launching a completely new way of driving posts on the market. This professional attachment, suitable for the most common earth-moving machines, drives a pile with a maximum length of 450 cm into the ground with about 1000 strokes per minute.

With a force of up to 1,085 joules, posts up to a maximum diameter of 38 cm are no problem for this powerhouse. Piles are driven vertically into the ground at great speed. These machines are very suitable for solar installations, fencing and road construction.

The possibilities are endless. A tough project, even in difficult terrain? No problem for the Rhino SolarPro.

Designed to accelerate the installation of solar farms.

The Rhino SolarPro is ‘X and Y axis adjustable’ to ensure accurate, fast and perpendicular driven piles for solar parks and fencing, among other things, regardless of the soil conditions of the construction site or the terrain. This professional construction attachment for construction equipment is designed and built in the USA with the highest quality materials. The SolarPro has a CE certificate and is built according to the standards for the European market.

Features and benefits

Suitable for posts up to 38 cm in diameter with a maximum length of 450 cm.
The hammer and guide hold the post in place for efficient hammering of the post.
Uses the existing hydraulic drive of the earth-moving machine and the use of the attachment function eliminates the need for an expensive self-propelled pile driver. This allows you to complete your project on time and within budget. The Rhino SolarPro is equipped with a universal mounting plate for the most common excavators and earth-moving machines.

Equipped with modern, Furukawa FX hydraulic hammer

Designed for efficient pile driving, reliable hammer with a long service life. Powerful 800 ft. lbs. (1,085 Joules) impact energy per stroke (approximately 1,000 strokes/min.) Features a new and improved piston (larger diameter and longer stroke) increases speed – provides more impact energy.Using the monobloc design, this machine requires less maintenance with only two moving parts.

Pole pull function included

The SolarPro pile driver offers an integrated pile driver with vibration aid for the toughest applications. By using this function you can remove a knocked-out post in no time at all. At EuroGate International you are at the right place for buying and renting a post driver.

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