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Digga HALO 5 – 10 ton

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Digga HALO 5 – 10 ton

  • Perfect alignment system
  • Very wide choice of different models
  • Warranty on motor and drive shaft
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Digga HALO
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Digga HALO hydraulic auger drive

Digga is a well-known brand on the market when it comes to hydraulic drives, but with the new range of auger drives, equipped with the HALO Alignment System, Digga takes its products to an even higher level.

With the alignment system located in the drive unit, HALO indicates to the user whether the drive is aligned using a series of LEDs. When the actuator moves from its perpendicular position, a series of red and green lights illuminate to effortlessly guide the user to an upright position.
This allows you to drill vertically without additional guidance from colleagues or a spirit level. Due to the straight line, there are fewer angle adjustments, holes are more fitting and less concrete is used. In addition, this way of working places less or no side load on the auger and auger drive.

Battery or 12 volt power supply

The Digga Halo drill unit comes standard with a 3 meter cable with cigarette lighter plug for powering the LEDs on the drill head. It is also possible to power the HALO LEDs using a battery pack / battery kit, this battery has a strong magnet on 1 side with which it can be attached to the auger drive unit. It is also possible to use an extension cable of 1, 3 or 6 meters, so that the HALO can always be supplied with electricity.

Digga – market leader in hydraulic augers drives

With Digga’s premium auger range, we go the extra mile in performance, quality and cost-effectiveness. After 30 years of further development, there is a high-quality range of augers on the market for excavators, skid steer loaders, telehandlers and mobile cranes. Completely manufactured and assembled by Digga, using only the very best materials and the strictest quality control.

Max torque (Nm) @ 240 bar **4.4485.1515.5966.040
Recommended Liters p/m. ** 55-8560-9570-11570-115
Motortype EATON 2K Bell EATON 2K Bell EATON 2K Bell EATON 2K Bell
max. Pressure - Do not exceed ** 240 Bar @ 60 lpm 240 Bar @ 60 lpm 240 Bar @ 60 lpm 240 Bar @ 60 lpm
max. liters - Do not exceed ** ** 115 lpm @ 130 Bar 115 lpm @ 130 Bar 115 lpm @ 130 Bar 115 lpm @ 130 Bar
Max continuous power ** 25 Kw (34 pk) 25 Kw (34 pk) 25 Kw (34 pk) 25 Kw (34 pk)
Pressure relief valveOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional
Standard output shaft65 Rnd / 75 mm square75 mm square 75 mm square 75 mm square
Weight (kg) 58678990
Total Length (mm) 557579730734
Diameter (mm) 240240240240
Recommended augerA4 / RC4 / DR4 A6 / RC6 / DR6A6 / RC6 / DR6A6 / RC6 / DR6
Max auger diameter breakable rock *750900900900
Max auger diameter breakable rock *
Max auger diameter Clay / shale (mm) *
Max auger diameter Earth (mm) *9001.0001.0001.000
(*) Max/min auger diameter (DIA) depending on ground conditions. Recommendation is only a guideline.
(**) These charts are for guidance only. When in doubt, always request information.