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A6MFT series – Extra Tough

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A6MFT series - Extra Tough

A6MFT series – Extra Tough

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A6 serie
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Augers with teeth for earth, clay and shale.

The angle and geometry of the teeth to the tip makes these augers highly efficient. Available with ‘earth’ teeth or multi-faceted tungsten (MFT) teeth, for a longer lifespan and better cutting performance. Not suitable for harder fracturable rock; check out the A6RC for this.

All general-purpose drilling for a 5 ton to 10 ton machine

The A6 augers are fitted with a 75 mm x 75 mm square connection and are ideal for the PD4 to PD10 inclusive. When they are combined with these drive heads, you can drill holes from 150 mm to 1200 mm. Wear parts are available for all Digga augers, ensuring a long lifespan and top performance at all times.  Extensions measuring 1000 mm, 1500 mm and 2000 mm are available for the A6 auger series.

The standard length of the augers is 1500 mm. Please contact our sales department for other lengths.

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