Buy a hole digger

A hole digger is a must-have for many outdoor or construction jobs. At EuroGate International we only stock the best hole diggers. We have hole diggers for sale for both light and heavy work. Do you want to order a hole digger online or buy one from our showroom? Check out our wide range of hole diggers below.

Which hole digger for which job?

A hole digger is used to drill holes of different lengths and diameters. If you want to buy a hole digger it’s a good idea to think about the purpose for which you’re buying the hole digger. At EuroGate International we only stock the best hole diggers. Service and quality are also top priorities. That’s why EuroGate International is the right place to buy a hole digger.

Which hole diggers can you buy
There are many options when it comes to buying a hole digger. For example, there are hole diggers for different situations, do you want to put up a fence or plant a big tree? If you buy a hole digger from EuroGate International, you will find many options. We stock hole diggers in many different shapes and sizes. Every hole digger is used in a different way. Have a look below to see which hole diggers you can order from us.

Buy a petrol hole digger
A petrol hole digger from EuroGate is powered by a four-stroke petrol engine; E10 petrol (previously Euro 95) is widely available and has several advantages. However, for cleaner combustion and less maintenance, we recommend Aspen 4. These powerful hole diggers can get through a lot of work, even in hard-to-reach places, and make it really easy for you to drill holes without much physical effort. When buying a petrol hole digger, you can choose from many types, lengths and diameters. Do you already know which petrol hole digger you want to buy? EuroGate International has brought its own petrol hole digger onto the market; we developed the EGI EJ520 ourselves and it’s an excellent product. Years of experience gained from importing hole diggers have taught us what features a hole digger needs to have. The EJ520 is a worthy addition to our hole digger range.

Buy a hydraulic hole digger
With a hydraulic hole digger, the hole digger system or drilling unit runs on oil pressure fed from a powerpack or excavator. The hydraulic oil is under high pressure and transmits movements and forces. When you buy a hydraulic hole digger, you can choose from a range of machines together with a selection of different hole digger diameters and extension lengths. These extensions and hole diggers will ensure that you buy a hydraulic hole digger system precisely tailored to your activities and requirements.

Buy a manual hole digger
If you want to buy a manual hole digger, EuroGate International is your best partner. Our manual hole diggers are top quality. When buying a manual hole digger, you should consider the ultimate purpose of the product. Why do you want to order a manual hole digger? You should bear in mind that the manual hole diggers come in different diameters from 6 cm to 12 cm.

With which machines can you use hole diggers?
The hole diggers that we sell at EuroGate International can be used with several machines. We sell hole diggers that can be attached behind tractors and onto excavators. When ordering a hole digger to attach to a machine, various accessories can be included.

Buy a hole digger attachment for an excavator
An excavator hole digger is attached to a mini crane or excavator as a hole digger for medium to heavy work. These hole diggers are very powerful and well suited for use on construction sites, in landscaping work involving installation of ground screw foundations and in other sectors where hole diggers are needed. If you buy a hole digger as an attachment, you can also buy additional accessories such as extensions and couplings. You’ve also come to the right place for an electrical or mechanical hole digger.

The cost of a hole digger
Hole digger prices vary considerably. For example, a manual hole digger is a lot cheaper than a hole digger bought for attaching to an excavator. Wondering about hole digger prices? Our extensive range of hole diggers displays a clear price description for each product. Have you seen our horizontal drilling hole digger?

Any questions about buying a hole digger?
Have you any questions about buying a hole digger? If so, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to support you if you have any concerns about buying a hole digger. EuroGate International has many years of experience in selling hole diggers. You can order hole diggers online via our website or buy from our showroom in Dedemsvaart.