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A4DR series – rock auger

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A4DR series – rock auger

  • Very robust design
  • Maximum durability and performance
  • 65mm round connection
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DR4-series rock
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A4DR series – rock auger

This rock drilling auger has a robust and efficient cutting head. Using rotating picks, the drilling auger finds cracks in the rock and breaks them open. The short flights encourage steady removal of earth and rock, allowing cool air to enter the hole which makes it easier to inspect the teeth regularly.  Fitted with a range of quality components ensuring minimum wear and superior performance. Augers for PDD to PD4 inclusive, in diameters from 15 cm to 60 cm, can be supplied with your hole digger. These augers come with a 65 mm round connection.

Extensions measuring 50 cm, 80 cm, 100 cm and 150 cm are available for these augers.
The standard length of the augers is 1200 mm. Please contact our sales department for other lengths.

Art. numberAuger diameter in mmWorking width in mmDrilling depth in mmConnectionConnection via pinMFTRCDR
Digga A4 - 65 mm rond
A4TL-04-2-E100100120065 mm ØPin 22 mmxxx
A4TL-06-2-E150150120065 mm ØPin 22 mmxxx
A4TL-08-2-E200200120065 mm ØPin 22 mmxxx
A4TL-09-2-E225225120065 mm ØPin 22 mmxxx
A4TL-10-2-E250250120065 mm ØPin 22 mmxxx
A4TL-12-2-E300300120065 mm ØPin 22 mmxxx
A4TL-14-2-E350350120065 mm ØPin 22 mmxxx
A4TL-16-2-E400400120065 mm ØPin 22 mmxxx
A4TL-18-2-E450450120065 mm ØPin 22 mmxxx
A4TL-20-2-E500500120065 mm ØPin 22 mmxxx
A4TL-24-2-E600600120065 mm ØPin 22 mmxx
A4TL-30-2-E750750120065 mm ØPin 22 mmxx
A4TL-36-2-E900900120065 mm ØPin 22 mmxx
Filename Size
Augers - A4-RC4-DR4 SPECS 20 KB