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A10RC Series – Shale / clay auger

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A10RC Series – Shale / clay auger

  • RC10 augers are suitable for most ground conditions
  • The standard length of the augers is 1500 mm
  • Wear parts available
  • 100x100 mm square connection
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RC10 Serie
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For really tough jobs, Digga’s RC10 auger series

Digga’s RC10 augers are suitable for most ground conditions, including earth, hard ground, shale, clay and permafrost. This auger has a 100×100 mm square connection.

The RC10 comes complete with all-purpose tapered teeth that are perfect for combined drilling in all conditions – from earth to medium rock, creating a clean workable hole every time.

Changing teeth
RC10 teeth are simple to install and remove with Digga’s ingenious knock-in, knock-out tooth-locking system requiring no extra tools to remove the teeth.
The standard length of the augers is 1500 mm. Please contact our sales department for other lengths.


Art. numberDiameter auger in mmWorking width in mm Drilling depth in mmConnectionConnection via pinRCDR
Digga A10 - 100x100 mm
A10-10-7-MFT2502501500100x100 mmPin 22 mmxx
A10-12-7-MFT3003001500100x100 mmPin 22 mmxx
A10-14-7-MFT3503501500100x100 mmPin 22 mmxx
A10-16-7-MFT4004001500100x100 mmPin 22 mmxx
A10-18-7-MFT4504501500100x100 mmPin 22 mmxx
A10-20-7-MFT5005001500100x100 mmPin 22 mmxx
A10-24-7-MFT6006001500100x100 mmPin 22 mmxx
A10-30-7-MFT7507501500100x100 mmPin 22 mmxx
A10-32-7-MFT8008001500100x100 mmPin 22 mm
A10-36-7-MFT9009001500100x100 mmPin 22 mmxx
A10-40-7-MFT100010001500100x100 mmPin 22 mmxx
A10-48-7-MFT120012001500100x100 mmPin 22 mm
A10-60-7-MFT150015001500100x100 mmPin 22 mmxx
MFT standaardmulti-faceted tungsten
RCRock Combination
DRDedicated Rock