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Plant bulb auger

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Plant bulb auger

  • Use in any electric or cordless drill that can hold a 3/8" bit.
  • Bulb auger for tulips, daffodils, iris, but also bedding plants and seedlings.
  • With the choice of 3 diameters, you always have a drill that suits your needs.
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Plant flower bulbs quickly and successfully

Planting bulbs and seedlings successfully always starts with preparing the soil for the new planting, in terms of soil composition and structure. Well-known tools are the handy small planter or the larger bulb planter.
Who’s not familiar with it, planting a few bulbs by hand is fine. But what if more meters have to be made? All in all, quite a job that involves a lot of physical effort.

Plant bulb augers, from the mini series of augers from EuroGate International, does the heavier work for you and digs perfect holes without hassle. It makes planting a quick and easy job. Attach the handy bulb auger to your electric or cordless drill, after which you are immediately ready to get started.

Designed to make your planting work in the garden go much faster than if you were using a bulb planter. No more back pain due to the optimal auger tube length. The auger pulverizes the soil at the bottom of the planting hole, so that your bulbs make better contact with the soil and achieve better root growth. With the choice of 3 different diameters, there is always a drill that suits your needs. The auger has a non-slip grip.

Highlighted features:
•   Perfect bulb auger for tulips, daffodils, iris, but also bedding plants and seedlings.
•   Exceptional quality, the bulb auger is handy and durable.
•   Save time and energy. Use in any electric or cordless drill that has a
Holds 3/8″ bit. No better tool for digging holes in the garden.
•   Available in 3 sizes: ø 70 mm, ø45 mm, ø30 mm
•   Now also available: P7 and P9 pot size

Art.Diameter auger in mmAuger length in mmConnection
Mini series 30 mm304503/8"
Mini series 45 mm457303/8"
Mini series 70 mm706003/8"