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Plant auger P7 / P9

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Plant auger P7 / P9

  • Universal, for any cordless drill that can hold a 7/16" bit
  • Fast planting of borders and flower beds
  • Nice round and even planting hole
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Quickly drill plant holes

The plant auger is the garden tool that is extremely suitable for quickly drilling planting holes for P7 and P9 pots. This means fast and precise planting of borders, flower beds and parks. Due to the handy format in combination with the sturdy steel structure allows you to plant potted plants in no time. The P7 auger has a diameter of 100 mm and the P9 auger has a diameter of 130 mm..

Use your own(cordless) drill

The EuroGate International plant auger does the heavier work for you and digs perfect holes without hassle. It makes planting a quick and easy job. Attach the handy plant drill to your electric or cordless drill, after which you are immediately ready to get started.

Designed to make your planting work much faster than if you were to use a plant trowel or spade. From now on, back complaints are a thing of the past due to the optimal auger pipe length. The drill pulverizes the soil at the bottom of the planting hole, so that your plants have better contact with the soil and a better root growth. Due to the choice of 2 different diameters, there is always a plant auger for the common pot sizes that suits your work. The auger has a non-slip grip, giving you more grip and stability while drilling.

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Looking for a different size for, for example, planting flower bulbs, or setting pickets or other posts.
Take a look at our mini series augers. Or looking for a drill for a heavier job, take a look at our other hole diggers.

ArtikelType plant potdiameter auger in mmauger length in mmConnection
Plant auger 100 mmP71006307/16" (11 mm)
Plant auger 130 mmP91306307/16" (11 mm)