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STIHL BT131 One-man hole digger

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STIHL BT131 One-man hole digger

  • Professional machine
  • Lightweight, only 10 KG
  • Locking lever for auger brake
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The comfortable and robustly constructed STIHL BT131 one-man holedigger is used by professionals in horticulture, agriculture and the construction industry for fast and efficient digging holes up to 300 mm in diameter for fences, planting work or for taking soil samples. Choose the BT series augers with a STIHL connection, or the 303 series augers with our STIHL adapter.

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Fully equipped
The well-equipped STIHL BT 131 one-man holedigger with its powerful STIHL 4-MIX® motor offers advanced technical specifications including;

Vibration damping carrier frame
The handle frame significantly reduces vibrations. This ensures a very energy-saving and relaxed way of working.

Quickstop auger brake
The QuickStop auger brake with release lever stops the auger immediately when it chokes into the ground and the user operates the release lever with the thigh. It also doubles as a reverse lock – a stuck drill can easily be turned out manually.

Large pad
The large cushion lies comfortably against the body resp. the leg. This allows for comfy and precise digging.

Multi-function handle
All engine control controls are integrated into the right handle so that the auger can be operated with the push of a finger. The hand always remains in the working position.

4-MIX engine
The 1.4 kW STIHL 4-MIX engine combines the advantages of two-stroke and four-stroke engines – this engine is not only economical and silent, but also has extra power and is very powerful. Less exhaust gases are emitted and no oil change is required.

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ModelBT 131
MotorStihl single cylinder - four stroke with mixed lubrication
Capacity in cc36,3 cc
Tank capacity0,71 liter
Power81 N.m. on drill spindle
FuelSTIHL motomix
Weight10 kg (without auger)
Direction of rotationClockwise
Torque81 N.m.
DriveSpur gear, grease-lubricated
BooraansluitingSpline axle, Stihl typeSpline adapter to 20 mm
Auger diameter range102 / 152 / 203 mm60 / 80 / 100 / 150 / 200 mm
Standard digging depth762 mm800 mm
Extensionnoyes, 500 mm