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Torque hub – Torque meter for screw piles

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Torque hub – Torque meter for screw piles

  • Accurate and easy to use
  • Export data log description
  • Easy installation
  • WiFi display in the cabin
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Torque hub – Torque meter for screw piles

  • ACCURATE & EASY TO USE ,99%+ Accurate Torque Measurement, In-cab touch 7in screen display
  • EXPORT DATA LOGGING RECORDS, Torque, pile depth, angle, date, time & more, Additional user-defined export fields
  • SIMPLE INSTALLATION, To suit 75mm and 100mm square shafts, Superior design & engineered for tough conditions
  • WiFi IN-CAB DISPLAY, For better and more stable data transfer

Reports are exported as both bare data(.dat file – open Excel), and as a PDF line chart as shown below. One cover page for the job and a page for each individual pile is generated. Additionally, the PDF line chart will show depth as it is entered during the job. This will give the engineer a view of depth vs. torque on each pile.

An optional handheld trigger is available which allows the operator (or his helper) to depress it when the pile/ anchor reaches a marked depth, allowing a more accurate (and more continuous) representation of torque vs time.

7” Windows OS Tablet embedded in a rugged ABS casing. Designed to IP67 ingress protection. Circuit boards, firmware and softwareare all designed specific for the application. Fully potted, sealed, gasketed, and cushioned to ensure maximum protection and long life. Available with 75mm Square and 100mm Square input shafts. Available with 5-1/4” and 7-5/8” bolt circle flange types. The heart of the Digga Torque Hub is in the PCB which contains a microprocessor which converts the analog strain gauge input into a digital signal which is transmitted over a robust 2.4 GHz RF signal.

All Torque Hubs are offered double-drilled to accommodate either the 5-1/4”, 7-5/8” or 8-5/8” bolt circle on the same hub. Torque ratings remain limited by bolt capacity (13,558.18 Nm, 20,337.27 Nm or 94,907 Nm).See the specification sheet in the downloads for more information + drawings.

Rated Output (R.O.) 2 mV/V nominal
Nonlinearity 0.1% of R.O.
Hysteresis 0.1% of R.O.
Nonrepeatability 0.05% of R.O.
Zero Balance 0.1% of R.O.
Compensated Temp. Range 15.5° to 71°C
Safe Temp. Range -53° to 93°C
Temp. Effect on Output0.005% of Load/°C
Temp. Effect on Zero 0.005% of R.O./°C
Terminal Resistance 350 ohms nominal
Excitation Voltage 5 VDC
Safe Overload 150% of R.O.
Filename Size
Torque Hub 22 KB