Electric hole digger

If you want to drill holes with an electric machine, take a look at our electric drill/auger holder and adapters. These are easy to connect to your cordless drill. In the blink of an eye they can convert your electric cordless drill into a hole digger capable of drilling holes up to 150 mm in diameter. Do you want to drill bigger holes? You can do that too with the MAKITA DDG460T2X7 which is capable of drilling holes up to 200 mm in diameter.

Buy an electric hole digger for different jobs

Maybe you need an electric hole digger because you want to plant a variety of shrubs in your own garden and you need to drill holes to do so? Or you’re a professional landscaper and want to work more efficiently? Then an electrically-powered hole digger is the ideal tool for you. Buying an electric hole digger is a sound investment, especially if you are planning to use it frequently. After a while you’ll be so proficient with your electric hole digger that you’ll be able to complete all kinds of tasks quicker and more efficiently. EuroGate International is your partner for reliable tools including hole diggers and post drivers. Working outside is easier if you’ve got the right tools. We only work with reputable brands and the majority of our products are available immediately from stock.

Why choose an electrically-powered hole digger?
Buying an electric hole digger has many advantages. For example, you won’t have to cope with the noise of a fuel engine while you’re working. This can be very useful if you want to work in rural areas or on busy public roads. Electric hole diggers don’t emit any exhaust fumes. This makes them more environmentally friendly and you won’t be bothered by smoke blowing in your face. An electric hole digger is also very easy to start up, allowing you to get to work quickly. Electrically-driven hole diggers also generally weigh less than petrol-powered hole diggers. Would you like to know more about how to operate an electric hole digger and what the benefits are? Ask us, we’re here for you!

Working more efficiently with the right augers
If you buy an electric hole digger, you also have to buy the right augers. Your choice includes bulb augers, plant augers or augers from the CQ303 range of augers. Each of these augers is used for a specific purpose. A bulb auger, for instance, is specially designed for planting tulips and daffodils. A plant auger, in turn, is ideal for making holes for shrubs and trees, for example when planting borders and flowerbeds. Our CQ303 range includes replacement tips and blades. Choose the right diameter for the augers so that you can work most effectively. Are you planning to carry out specific earthworks but are not sure which electric hole digger to choose? At EuroGate International we’re happy to help!

Convert your own cordless drill into a fully-fledged electric hole digger
With the innovative RJ110 electric drill/auger holder by Dutch brand EGI it is easy to convert your cordless drill into a fully-fledged cordless hole digger.

This hole digger allows you to drill holes in the ground up to ø 150 mm easily, even in clay soil (depending on the power of your own cordless drill). The RJ110 also makes very little noise as it’s using the drive of your own cordless drill. The powerful 1:5 transmission means that the hole digger is nice and quiet and doesn’t emit any exhaust fumes. To sum up: the ideal hole digger for when you have to drill a few holes every now and then!

Choose the right accessories
To make it even easier for you when you’re working with an electric hole digger, we also have various accessories in our range. These include extensions, so that you can drill deeper into the ground. Or maybe you need an adapter to a round connection? We have these for you as well! Our staff will be happy to advise you and help you to find the best solution for your work.

Buy your electric hole digger from EuroGate International
When you’re buying an electric hole digger, we advise you to buy the most powerful model possible. Perhaps what you’re doing at the moment is light work and it seems that a simple model will suffice. However, you may soon need to do heavier earthworks. It’s best to give some thought to buying an electric hole digger. It’s a one-off investment you want to benefit from as long as possible. We’re happy to discuss your projects with you and we’ll help you choose the most suitable solution. Our customer service team would love to hear from you!