Excavator hole digger

A hydraulic hole digger for an excavator can be used specifically for different types of drilling work. Hole diggers attached to cranes can drill easily in all kinds of ground including earth, shale and gravel. The mini excavator hole digger can easily accommodate different hole digger diameters.

Drive heads for excavators

The selection of hole diggers for attachment to excavators is huge at Eurogate International. Our large range of hydraulic hole diggers for mini excavators means we can supply a suitable hole digger for every job. The hydraulic excavator drive heads stocked by EuroGate International are made by DIGGA. DIGGA is an Australian-based company specialising in attachments for excavators and cranes. DIGGA has been continuously improving its mini crane hole diggers for the last thirty years and these hole diggers excel in performance, quality and cost-effectiveness.  A mini crane hole digger can be used for both light and heavy drilling work. There is a wide choice of adjustable parts and accessories for excavator hole diggers. So you can be sure to find a mini crane hole digger that suits you well.

Why buy an excavator hole digger?
An excavator hole digger is a versatile tool that comes in handy on any construction site. Where there are different types of drilling work to be done, an excavator fitted with a hole digger is an essential extra requirement. By equipping an excavator hole digger with different augers, extensions or by opting for the HALO design, the hole digger can be set up exactly as you want. So you will always have a hydraulic hole digger rig that is geared to your work. Your choice of auger will differ depending how you are intending to use the mini excavator hole digger. For example, some augers are specially equipped to deal with rubble, gravel and stone. Extensions allow you to extend a excavator auger until the auger is the right length to complete the job properly. For different jobs may require different depths. This is precisely what makes EuroGate International’s excavator hole diggers so effective. You’ll always find something suitable from our extensive range of accessories for excavator hole diggers. Are you wondering about the hole diggers that might be suitable for your excavator? Contact EuroGate International and our experienced staff will be happy to help you make sure the hole digger meets your requirements.

What can you drill with a mini excavator hole digger?
A mini excavator hole digger can be used for many different types of construction work. A mini excavator hole digger can be used for the same work as a manual hole digger. However, the work performed with a mini excavator hole digger is often more extensive, harder and heavier work. For example, the following work types of work can be carried out with a mini excavator hole digger:

Pile foundations for carport, summerhouse or fence
Drilling holes for foundations of structures or buildings
Digging drainage holes
Planting trees
Putting up fencing
Taking soil samples
Installing screw anchors

What type of drive is used for an excavator hole digger?
An excavator hole digger is driven by the hydraulics of the machine to which it is attached. This makes the drilling unit strong and reliable. With a mini excavator hole digger you’re ready with the right equipment to complete the job successfully.

Any questions about a mini excavator hole digger?
Have you any questions about a excavator hole digger? Contact EuroGate International and we’ll be happy to help you put together your perfect hole digger and give you suitable advice on mini crane hole diggers. EuroGate International is a specialist in this field due to its years of experience in selling and importing hole diggers. So please contact us if you have any questions about crane hole diggers.