Hydraulic Hole digger

A EuroGate hydraulic auger is ideal for drilling large holes. A hydraulic hole digger is available as a one-man version, as an attachment, and as a horizontal version. At EuroGate International, we have quality hydraulic hole diggers made by Australian brand Digga and Japanese brand Maruzen. With a EuroGate International hydraulic drive unit, you have high quality holediggers at a competitive price. Below you can see our comprehensive range of hydraulic hole diggers that are suitable for many applications.

Guide to buying a hydraulic hole digger

EuroGate International hydraulic hole diggers can be used on a hydraulic machine, such as a crane or a mini-excavator. We also have individual hydraulic one-man hole diggers and horizontal hydraulic hole diggers. We also sell a hydraulic hole digger unit on an undercarriage that is easy to move by one person. EuroGate International is your port of call when you need a hydraulic hole digger. Are you looking to buy a hydraulic hole digger? We would be pleased to help!

Horizontal hydraulic hole digger
A horizontal hydraulic hole digger is ideal for horizontal drilling work. For example, drilling a water pipe, sewers or cables for fibre optics or electricity up to 6-7 metres below a road or hard surfacing. The hydraulic drive of the horizontal hole digger makes it a constant machine with revs that can be set highly accurately. The hydraulic hole digger can be connected to a hydraulic powerpack or directly to an earthmoving machine. For horizontal drilling you always need a hole to start and finish. Take a look at the video clips in this article to see how it works.

Hydraulic one-man hole digger
The hydraulic one-man hole digger is available in a number of versions. For example, there is an individual version that weighs just 14 kg. This Maruzen hydraulic hole digger is easy to manoeuvre and easy to use. It can rotate both ways, and when the hole digger gets stuck it can be put in reverse.  The other version is DIGGA’s hydraulic one-man hole digger. This hydraulic hole digger comes on an undercarriage and is easy to drive to the required location. The structure of the machine makes it manoeuvrable, powerful, and reliable to operate. The hole digger is ideal for drilling holes for posts, plants and other purposes. The hydraulic hole digger is powered by a Honda 9 hp petrol engine. The machine consists of 5 sections, which makes it easy to transport. The mobile hydraulic hole digger comes with a coupling for our EJ 5200 drill series. Not every drill fits on every hydraulic hole digger. So, scrutinise the product specifications of the hydraulic hole digger and ask for information. We are here to talk to you about every aspect of buying a hydraulic hole digger.

Hydraulic hole digger for mini-excavator
If you need more power, you can opt for a hydraulic hole digger on an excavator. The hydraulic hole diggers are available in various versions and can be supplied with various drill bits, extensions, and other accessories. There are drill bits for different surfaces. DIGGA has standard drill bits, extra-strong drill bits, drill bits for rubble and gravel, and drill bits for rock. These drill bits are all available in a range of diameters. There are also extra extensions and head plates for the hydraulic hole diggers.