Which post driver suits your job?
EuroGate International provides a wide range of post drivers: from the age-old manual post driver to the very latest in hydraulic machines. We have the right tool for every job. If you are interested in the options, please get in touch with us.

Motorised post drivers with different drives
With a EuroGate International post driver, you can drive a post into the ground to the required depth without using too much physical strength. Our post drivers have different types of drives. Some activities require more striking power, such as thick solid wooden posts for example. Besides motorised post drivers, our range contains other drive technologies:

· Buying guide for an hydraulic drive
· Buying guide for a pneumatic drive
· Buying guide for a manual drive

Post driver with motor drive
A motorised post driver has many benefits. You waste less energy and the job is done quicker. A post driver with a pneumatic drive works on the basis of compressed air. The air compressor draws in air and then compresses it. Under high pressure, the post-driver hammer is struck on the post, which drives the post into the ground.

A post driver with a petrol engine is perfect for driving posts into harder surfaces. The power of the engine makes it possible to drive the posts into the ground without any difficulty. A motorised post driver is suitable for earth stakes, large tent stakes, and T sections, as well as for various types of post.

The applications of a motorised post driver
Anyone can use a motorised post driver. A motorised post driver can be rented or purchased by businesses or private individuals. A motorised post driver is an extremely useful tool for erecting fencing, driving in tree stakes or foundations. The machine does all the hard work, and you don’t waste any energy.

Safety first and foremost
We value safety. Taking safety measures is essential when you use our machines. We recommend our clients to take safety measures at all times, including hearing protection, protective shoes, and safety glasses.

Are you looking to buy a motorised post driver?
Take a look at our broad range online. If you have any questions or if you are unsure about something, please talk to our customer service department. We would be pleased to help you make the best choice.