Buy a mechanical hole digger

If you need to use a hole digger, you can choose between a mechanical or manual hole digger. The difference between these two options is that a mechanical hole digger is driven by a motor. This may be a petrol engine that is particularly suitable for those jobs involving a lot of drilling in the ground or a motor in an electric drill. A hydraulic hole digger is also an option.

Advantages of a mechanical hole digger
When using a hole digger, you always have to decide whether to do the work manually or opt for a mechanical hole digger. The choice here depends mainly on how often you use a hole digger. The advantage of a mechanical hole digger is that you do not need to apply force. This is useful when you’re dealing with clay soil, it’s much easier to drill a hole in the ground that way. EuroGate’s range offers a wide choice of  mechanical hole diggers where ease of use is paramount.

Which jobs are suitable for a mechanical hole digger?
Basically, when you’re looking for a mechanical hole digger, you need to establish what sort of work it will be doing. If you want to drill a hole easily every now and then, a cordless drill is a great choice. If you’ll be using a hole digger regularly, you should choose one with a petrol engine. An excellent choice from EuroGate’s selection would be the EGI EJ520, for example, that we developed ourselves. If you have a big job where most of the work involves using a hole digger, you could also use a hydraulic hole digger. Here, pressure is fed from an excavator or power unit.

Going for a mechanical hole digger?
The main reasons for choosing the right mechanical hole digger often include the number of times the hole digger will be used, the nature of the work and the ground conditions for the drilling work.  In our showroom you can learn about the different types of mechanical hole digger available. We can also advise you on your choice. You’ve come to the right place because EuroGate has many years of experience in selling hole diggers.